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Guard Dog Security's 18% OC pepper spray is ready to defend you if the situation requires it. With a spray range of 16 feet, just point and press the glow-in-the-dark actuator - causing painful irritation to your attacker's eyes, skin, and throat. Additionally, a UV dye is present in the invisible mist that enables identification of the assailant even days after it has been used. This fashionable self-defense accessory is designed to match your personal style alongside the ability to instantly disable an assailant.


  • Chic and Trendy: The Stylish Bling series has fashionable designs, giving your pepper spray an elegant look. No matter your style, you can find one perfect for showing off your unique look.
  • Maximum Strength: The 1.44 MC formulation is Law Enforcement Grade O.C., lab tested to ensure consistent heat performance and maximum stopping power.
  • Easy to Clip: Quick attach this pepper spray with its integrated lobster clasp to a key ring, purse, or backpack. Get maximum portability and an invaluable instrument of self-defense at your fingertips.
  • Safe Defense from a Safe Distance: With a range of up to 16 feet, it allows you to keep yourself safe from potential attackers giving you enough time to leave the scene and seek help. Compact and easy to carry, pepper spray can give you that extra security when you need it most.
  • Free Pepper Spray for Life: Just register after purchase and our Protected 4 Life program will replace your key pepper spray in the event of use, free of charge, for life.


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