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  • Does FireARMadillo™ offer Military and Law Enforcement discounts?
    Yes. We offer discounts on purchases by military and law enforcement members and agencies. Please feel free to give a call ar visit our contact page.
  • Does FireARMadillo™ ship internationally?
    Any and all interanational orders require proof of an export license. We only accept bulk orders for international shipping and all ITAR regulations apply to any materials purchased. Please give us a call or complete the form on our contact page.
  • Does FireARMadillo™ offer discounts on bulk purchases?
    Yes. For bulk purchases, please give us a call or complete the form on our contact page
  • What is a Tactical Helmet?
    Any helmet that is able to stop ballistic projectiles is a ballistic helmet. Modern materials used in making ballistic helmets include polyethylene and aramid fibers.
  • Will my VH-2™ Tactical Helmet from FireARMadillo™ stop a bullet?
    Yes. Our VH-2™ Tactical Helmets are rated at NIJ 0101.06 tested Level IIIA portection level which is capable of defeating .44 magnum bullets.
  • How do I wear my VH-2™ Tactical Helmet?
    Please follow all provided instructions on how to set up padding and strap adjustments. If you have any further questions about helmet setup, feel free to reach out to us.
  • How long will my VH-2™ Tactical Helmet Last?
    The warranty on your helmet is 4 years from date of purhcase. At the end of the warranty we reccomend replacing the helmet with another from our selection.
  • Does FireARMadillo™ offer a warranty on the VH-2™ Tactical Helmet?
    Yes. Your VH-2™ Tactical Helmet from FireARMadillo™ is covered by a 4 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • "I'm right on the edge of a Medium/Large and X-Large size. What size should I choose?""
    We suggest going with the X-Large so as to allow extra room for any other padding or addition head gear under the helmet.
  • What level Armor Plate should I purchase?
    Our armor plate selection contains a range of protection levels to fit the maximum pontential threat you might encounter. We recommend you assess needs and make the purchase that exceeds those needs for extra protection. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.
  • How much does an Armor Plate weigh?
    Our Armor Plates weigh anywhere from 1lb to just under 7 lbs each. When purchaing multiple armor plates, be sure to add their combined weight to know how much additional weight your may be carrying.
  • Can my Armor Plate handle multiple pojectile impacts?
    This can vary base on the type of projectile, range from which the projectile was fired, and the force at which the impact occurred. If your Armor Plate does sustain any impacts from bullets or other ballistic projectiles, we reccommend immediate replacement.
  • Are there certain Carriers for each type of Armor Plate?
    Our carriers are designed to fit all Aromor Plates applicable for the location. If it's a front plate, any of our Carriers or Vests with a slot for a front plate will fit that plate. The same goes for the side and back plates.
  • Does my Carrier and/or Vest from FireArmadillo™ come with a warranty?
    Yes. Your Carrier or Vest come with factory warranties on any manufacturer defects. However, wear and tear or misuse will render any warranties void. Please consult the documentation provided with your product purchase, give us a call, or complete the form on our contact page.
  • What Armor Plate(s) work with my Carrier or Vest?
    Each Carrier or Vest is specifically designed to work with the appropriate Armor Plate from our Armor Plate selection for the location on the Carrier or Vest. Please note that any damage from improperly inserting Armor Plates and/or from attempting to use Armor Plates not purchased from our selection are not covered under any warranties provided for your product.
  • Does my Carrier or Vest from FireArmadillo™ offer any protection without Armor Plates?
    FireARMadillo™ does not recommend using your Carrier or Vest on its own. Please always pair your purchase of Carriers and/or Vests with the matching accompaniment of Armor Plate inserts from our selection. We do not guarantee any protection from stab, projectiles, or any other form of impact by use of one of our Carriers or Vests alone.
  • "I seem to measure between two sizes of Carrier or Vest. What size should I select?""
    We always reccommend when you are unable to decide between two different sizes of Carrier or Vest to choose the larger of the two as to allow extra room for any layers of clothing or other padding you may choose to wear under the Carrier or Vest. Please feel free to complete the form on our contact page or give us call with any further questions you may have.
  • How long do orders take to ship?
    Typically your order will ship in 3-5 days. Delays in could be caused by bulk purchases and we do prioritize orders from service members.
  • Is it possible to get expedited shipping?
    To keep things simple, we offer one shipping policy.
  • Will I get a tracking number with my purchase?
    Yes. Each order is acompanied by an automated email that contains tracking information.
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