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Predator Armor Level III Body Armor is manufactured in the U.S. using ballistic-grade steel and has the option for a Kevlar-lined spall and fragmentation containment layer. Our process utilizes a unique heat-treating, quenching and tempering process that results in an extra-hardened steel plate. Predator Armor plates are lightweight, impact-resistant and hold superior ballistic properties. This allows us to provide thinner plates without sacrificing any level of protection.
All of our plates come with a base coat that aesthetically enhances the plate and provides durable characteristics. This coating does not provide fragmentation mitigation. All plates have the option to add a Kevlar lining, which provides fragmentation and spalling containment and even enhances the performance of the armor. If your carrier or plate does not have anti-fragmentation characteristics, we strongly advise including the Kevlar lining.
Dimensions: 10” x 12” Shooters Cut
Outlasts Ceramic, Dyneema, and UHMWPE constructed body armor
Flat or Multicurve (Introduces a slight vertical bend to either side of the plate for better contour to the body)
Stab and Slash Resistant
Kevlar-lined to contain fragmentation and spall (optional)
Durable and water-resistant coating
Maintenance Free
Thickness: .25”
Designed to be used as a front or back plate
Approximate Weight: 7.5 lbs
100% Made in the USA
All of our armor is independently tested and certified to NIJ 0101.06 standards by NTS-Chesapeake, which is an NIJ-approved testing facility accredited by NVLAP and A2LA to ISO 17025. In addition to stopping 7.62x51, they are tested to stop M193 and M855 from a 16" barrel.

Level III Shooters Cut Single Plate

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