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The Active Shooter Response Kits represents our efforts to keep first responders as safe.  Following the recommendation of NFPA™ 3000, we followed the proposed guidelines to include what those in rescue positions need.

We recommend adding a set, 1 pair per kit, of 3" x 8" identifying patches.  Choice of patches includes "RESCUE", "FIRE", or "MEDIC".


Ballistic Testing

// Need to make this a link to pdf "Level-III-Lab-Testing-Ultralight.pdf"

Level III+ Lab Testing

Level III+ Active Shooter Response Kit

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Helmet Color
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  • Active Shooter Response Kit Contents

    • ASRK Storage Bag
    • Plate Carrier
    • 1 Set of Level III+ Armor Plates
    • VH-2™ Tactical Helmet
    • Radio Pouch
    • Med Kit
    • Pelican® Flash Light in Safety Yellow
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