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Lasershot can be brought to you or set up in our facility. Bring your training to the next level with our instructors and the top of the line training simulator. Catering to groups from 1 person up to 20 we have an absolutly peerless program for sim range training.

What's in it?

Marksmanship Training

Our IDPA and IPSC tournament programs can create a competative atmosphere with your group. No more manual scoring and reseting the course, pass the lasershot pistol to the next person and keep the training moving. Our course of fire recreates a shooting range right in front of you with dozens of courses to shoot and an individual scoring system for after action reporting.

Situational Training

Have your LTC? Taken all the classes you need to be proficient? Here is your next step The Judgemental Training System creates real to life dangerous scenerioes in the safety of a simulation. Responding to commands and allowing the most realistic concealed carry defense situations you can get.

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